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Edgeware – Minibus Hire with Driver 

Edgeware, 10 miles from Charing Cross, is strategically located as a base, to visit most of the attractions in and around London. The town lies on the northern edge of Greater London’s suburban sprawl, making it easier to access the racecourses, airports, and other attractions in the countryside, while not being too far away from the urban delights, such as historic monuments, nightlife, concerts, and other attractions. 
It requires a dedicated coach, with a skilled driver, if you are travelling in a group, for day trips, nites out trip, sightseeing trips, excursions, visiting a farm, attending a concert, partaking in the exciting races at Lingfield Park, Epsom Downs, or any other racecourses of the area, or indulging in any other trips. A coach hire would also place your group in good stead to make transfers to the nearby Heathrow, London City, and other airports, and also for conferences, business meetings, exhibitions, and other business related purposes.  
Our Edgeware minibus hire services offer you the best coaches, for all your group travel requirements. Each one of our coach is systematically maintained, and subject to extensive cleaning, and checks, before the start of a trip. The coaches also come with a driver, who is best suited for the trip. 
When we recruit drivers for our coach company, we naturally consider their driving skills, and experience. However, we do not stop at that. We make sure the drivers have relevant experience, or are competent enough to handle the vehicles they are likely to handle with us. We have a large fleet of diverse vehicles, ranging from Ford Transit, to Mercedes 16 seater minibus, and from Volvos, to Iveco coaches, to suit various group sizes. A driver, who is skilled and experienced in handling a 16 seater minibus, would be all at sea if he drives a Volvo double decker coach.  
We also look at the psychological and mental faculties of the driver. The health and well-being of passengers depends entirely on how well the driver navigates the vehicle, and it is important drivers retain their presence of mind, and remain focused on their job. We make sure our drivers have good reflexes, ability to think and take decisions quickly, and ability to think clearly and logically, when faced with an emergency or unexpected situation. We also make sure our drivers have basic ability in English and Math, and basic mechanical and technological skills.  
We subject our drivers to extensive training on the nuances of customer care, awareness of traffic rules and regulations, safe driving practises, and several other essential, yet often overlooked dimensions of good driving. We also make sure our drivers are locals, or have a good knowledge of the local area names, routes, establishments, and other conditions.  
Your minibus hire with driver also gets help from our 24 hour customer support team. They chip away in the background, making coordination, follow ups, ensuring special requests are met, and offering critical insights to drivers, such as traffic updates. Our dedicated team of drivers, support staff, and other employees strives to delight the customer, and ensures our services are 100 percent reliable.  
The rates of our minibus hire in Edgeware are very reasonable. Despite offering excellent vehicles, highly professional drivers, dedicated support, and reliable service, our rates are still the lowest in the region, much less than what competitors, who do not match our offerings, charge. 
Read through the positive testimonials left by passengers who have availed our Edgeware minibus hire service, and book your coach hire today.