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Edgeware Minibus Hire Coach Company 

Edgeware minibus hire is a coach company that gives service with a difference. We provide our clients the best in minibus rentals ensuring we personalise and standardise everything to their taste. We have been in business for years so we know all the good roads and the favourite places for tourists, as you would notice from our drivers. 
Are you in town visiting with your children? Don’t let boredom get to them, there are plenty of fun things for kids to do in Edgeware; in fact this city is the best for a kid’s vacation.
Things for Kids to Do in Edgeware 
Edgeware District is packed with lots of kids stuff and we don’t want you to waste a lot of time looking for them. We already have a driver who has been to these attractions a lot so they will get you there faster. Here are some of the kids’ favourites when they visit the beautiful city of Edgeware.  
The Venue 
This is an underwater fun park with lots of themed adventures your kids will love. It’s suitable for kids 8 years and below and enough space for several families to come teach their children how to dive or hunt for treasure. There is even a segregated area for toddlers and the rest is just plenty of swimming space. 
Fired Treasures Pottery & Arts Studio 

Does your kid have a creative mind? At this studio, you can help them unlock hidden talent as the art studio provides lots of creative assignments for kids. The activities range from painting, pottery, art workshops, working tables for kids and their parents and even art parties are thrown here frequently. The studio is located in Barnet just a short drive from Edgeware. 
The Harrow Golf Course 
The Harrow Playgolf Park is a perfect chance to make Tiger Woods out of your kids when they are still young. The course has 9 holes in total and includes obstacles just as you would expect from a professional golf course. There are bankers and water features within the landscape which your kids have to navigate around safely to complete all nine holes. With you aiding their strikes, Playgolf gives you the perfect moments to bond with your kids and make the most out of your holiday.  
Topsy Turvy World  
This is an indoor arena located in Brent Cross. There are several fun slides for your kids, arcade style games, jump and stumble fun and so much more. There are food courts within the premise as well in case you want to get a quick bite with your kids before resuming your day of fun together.  
Events in Edgeware  
1) Peter Rabbit Meet and Greet (Story Telling Sessions), The Broadwalk Centre, Edgeware (28th Mar 2016) 
2) Eater with Pearl and Deanie, The Broadwalk Centre, Edgeware (26th Mar 2016) 
3) Colour Conference, The SSE Arena, Wembley (28th April 2016) 
4) The YPL Masquerade Soiree (Annual), The Roof Gardens, Edgeware (5th March 2016) 
5) Love from the Broadwalk Centre, The Broadwalk Centre, Edgeware (13th Feb 2016) 
Why Choose Us 
As Edgeware coach hire Company, we know how much it means to you if your kids have fun on the trips you go to. Edgeware is a large district so it may take you a while to locate a few of the kids funfairs in town. But with our minibus hire in Edgeware driver, you are assured of covering more attractions than alone.  
Visit our Edgeware Minibus Company and book your first rental. Just tell us the day and time and we will deliver a Mercedes 16 Seater or an 8 seater Ford Transit. If your number is larger, we can add a few Volvos as well to ensure you travel together.