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Edgeware Coach Tours City Cruise  

Edgeware on its own is quite an advanced community within the Barnet Borough. The entire area is divided mainly into shopping complexes and residential establishment. Additional amenities within the town include a hospital, Broadwalk, the City Library and a local bus garage.  
You may be tempted to feel that nothing interesting happens in Edgeware, but we can prove you wrong. As Edgeware minibus hire, we are offering you a coach tours package that will set you on a hunt for the best attractions within town. We make sure our Mercedes 16 seater or Ford Transit is fully serviced, insured and have the best driver behind the wheels as your chauffer.  
Things to Do in Edgeware 
Though it’s a small town, our minibus hire in Edgeware ensures you have seen the most of what this city can give. We will show you the best historic sites and even drive you to the best restaurants, hotels or café. Our impressive itinerary goes hand in hand with our state-of-the-art couch tours buses.  
Brockley Hill 
Many years ago, Romans dwelt on the Brockley Hill and made pottery for sale as an economic activity. Though years after the Romans were gone, Brockley Hill still holds dear the memories and historical artefacts left behind for those who are enthusiastic about history. Just tell our Edgeware minibus hire driver you will be visiting Brockley Hills for a morning hike and they will take you there. 
St Margaret of Antioch Church  
Notably one of the oldest buildings in town, St. Margaret of Antioch church is a beautiful medieval edifice surrounded by lush green fields and a cemetery within the compound. It is a sub-church to the Church of England and was a focal point for the expansion of Christianity in Edgeware. It still stands to date without a single scratch and is open to the public for viewing.  
The Broadwalk Shopping Centre  
This shopping centre is located in the central business district and was first opened in the 80’s. As most shoppers would tell you, it’s a decent mall where you can restock essentials as well as purchase something new you want for your trip in town. You can stop by for a family lunch or grab snacks with your buddies before proceeding with the Edgeware city tour.  
The Great Northern Railway Track 

What makes this rail track unique is that it got extricated from service and only bits and pieces have remained as a reminder. You will get the best view of the rail while driving through the bridge at Dean’s Lane. Dean’s Lane can be a pit stop for a quick snack, stretching or Facebook selfies from the self-made view point.  
Rose Garden Close 
These are the leafy suburbs of Edgeware and a drive through reveals the largest residential houses in town. It’s not an attraction per se but a reasonable reference if you want to see where the wealthy in Edgeware hang their boots after a day’s work. Perhaps you can get lucky to find someone friendly to show you around their home (that is if you are not a large group).  
The Nightlife  
If you are looking for a nice place to party the night away after spending the day travelling, the Monique Bar & Club is the most hospitable place to be. The ambience and music is quite soothing so are the hordes of cheerful revelers enjoying their night as well. The service is quite decent too and drinks fairly priced.  
Basin Lake  
Often times we look for a tranquil and serene place to relax and block out the busy town. Basin Lake is that exact haven you would want when visiting Edgeware and is located along Cannons Drive. Once inside the atmosphere immediately changes and you are totally immersed to the green leafy beauty that is Mother Nature. The lake is right at the centre silent and still reflecting the swaying trees nearby on its surface. Basin Lake will be on our minibus hire in Edgeware itinerary as a place to relax, read a book or have a picnic bit with the ones you love.  
Events in Edgeware  
1) Love from the Broadwalk Centre, the Broadwalk Centre, Edgeware (13th Feb 2016) 
2) The YPL Masquerade Soiree (Annual), The Roof Gardens, Edgeware (5th March 2016) 
3) Colour Conference, The SSE Arena, Wembley (28th April 2016) 
4) Eater with Pearl and Deanie, The Broadwalk Centre, Edgeware (26th Mar 2016) 
5) Peter Rabbit Meet and Greet (Story Telling Sessions), The Broadwalk Centre, Edgeware (28th Mar 2016) 
Why Choose Us 
We have subsidised our coach tours packages just so you can get to explore more of Edgeware town as you want. It may be a tiny town in a large borough, but count on us to be conversant with the road networks through the city and even to all attractions you wish to visit. We provide 16 seater Mercedes cars, 8 seater Ford Transits or 72 seater Volvos in case you are a large group travelling. As long as we have a chat with you beforehand, be confident to find a convenient Edgeware minibus rental waiting for you as you check in at the airport.