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Double Decker 72 Seater Coach Hire

Edgeware – Double Decker Coach 72 Seater 

A double decker 72 seater coach does wonders for the efficiency and economy, in moving large groups. The group travelling in one go is safe and better in all aspects, as no one has to wait for the other, there is less risk of someone lagging behind and missing a check in time, and the group leaders can always remain in control of the situation.  
When all members of a large group can be transferred together, the per-head cost comes down drastically. On top of it, we offer very low rates, making our minibus hire in Edgeware a very cost effective solution, and the cheapest you can get in the region.  
We offer high quality double decker coaches from Volvo and Iveco. These coaches come with all possible comforts, including powerful air conditioning, state of the art music system, the latest DVD player, push back seats with arm rests, ample leg space and luggage space, and more. 
Over and above the high quality coaches, we render dedicated support as well. Our customer support team works diligently in the background, to coordinate the trip, and help you with the scheduling, and other aspects. Our Edgeware minibus hire drivers are especially handpicked for their competency and experience in handling large vehicles. If you opt for a below par operator, with an inexperience driver, there is a very good chance, your coach may arrive very late, owing to lack of follow up or coordination, and your trip would end up struck in some narrow road, incapable of handling a large jumbo sized coach. Our drivers are well aware of the region, and take the most appropriate routes.  
Our superior and professional service make us the favourite option for tour groups, students, colleagues, event organisers, corporate groups, and others, who require large coaches for group travel.